Letter From Our Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Organization and Academic Team Members, 
On behalf of Model United Nations Bilkent University, it is my absolute honor to welcome you all to our annual conference this January 2021. With our current circumstances, our conference will be held virtually, on Zoom where our teams will be working to assist you through each step of the conference. 
The beginning of this year marked a new milestone, one which we had to adapt to without much of a choice. All around the world, offices, academic institutions, and social functions have been put to rest upon the upsurge of COVID-19 cases across the globe. However, behind closed doors, and computer screens, policy makers along with specialists in this field worked to combat the virus's further spread. When everything was halted, diplomatic roles were not. It is in times like these where we witness the importance of policy making and governance. Model United Nations conferences aim at cultivating the diplomat within you. The caucuses allow you to convey your beliefs, within your country's policies, and formulate solutions together through means of diplomatic debate. 
Since the establishment of the Model United Nations Society in Bilkent University, we strove to uphold the values that the United Nations entails, diplomacy being the highest amongst them. Which is why, this year, despite the circumstances, I am proud to announce that MUNBU will be one amongst the few conferences which have committed to their message and maintained their annual conference, albeit virtually. 
Model United Nations, as I am sure anyone who has experienced it before, shapes you, and defines your views as you continue to move forward. So for those who have experienced it, I am very happy that you are here once again today, giving this experience another chance and allowing it to mold you into a more refined version of yourself. For those who are coming here for the first time, I promise you that our team will offer you the same experience that has been offered to those before you. One which will push you to become an individual integral to your society's development and prosperity. 
This year, our committees have been chosen not on the basis of future challenges, but rather they were specifically picked based on what we see today; pandemics, security threats, needs for social and economic reforms, and a call for stable regimes. It is now your duty to fill in the shoes of world leaders and diplomats and come up with the solutions which will allow us to forward. 
Our registration is officially open and we hope to welcome you all to our conference this January!
And until then, stay safe 
Mona El Wali
Secretary General of MUNBU'21.

Letter From Our Director General

As the Director General of the Model United Nations conference of Bilkent University, I would like to welcome you all to the 9th annual session of our conference. In my third experience as a part of the MUNBU journey, I have been given the honor and the responsibility of being the Director General of this conference. I was accompanied by an amazing team through this journey. Together as the organizing team of MUNBU 2021, we worked hard to reach the standard that MUNBU set in its previous conferences

Though we have tried our best to give you an unforgettable experience in this conference, we faced various difficulties. This year, we could not meet as usual because of the conditions that Covid-19 has imposed on our world. We hope that all of you and your loved ones are safe and have managed to stay healthy during the tough period that the world is going through. This year, we have decided to arrange the conference online, in order to keep you safe from the pandemic, and to keep the tradition of MUNBU alive. We started this journey with our traditional quote “Family meets again!”, and we are excited that the family is gathering again. We are glad that we have challenged the pandemic and managed to meet in these tough times through this online conference.

Through the conference, the delegates will discuss several important topics in 5 different committees. Our admins will help you to participate in these discussions and will make sure that you do not face any difficulties in our transition to online conference. To stimulate the feelings of a regular MUN conference as in the previous years, we tried to arrange the committees as close to the physical experience of the debates as we can. Other than the academic plan we built for the conference, we also planned several events for lunch breaks to allow you to socialize with other delegates and to enjoy these activities.

This will be the first, and hopefully the last, experience of arranging an online version of MUNBU, and hope that we will be able to meet you in our university in the following years. We faced many problems through while handling the unique and task to arrange an online conference, but managed to fix it as a group, which I believe was the main thing that brought us together even though most of the team didn’t meet in person. We will do our best through the conference to ensure that you do not suffer because of the change in the format of the conference. We hope that you benefit from the conference academically as much as possible, while enjoying the time you spend here to its fullest.

Best regards,


Cihan Eralp Kumbasar

Director General of MUNBU 2021